Vocals, Violin, Keys / Noele Huie
Guitars, Violin, Vocals / Dan Huie

My name is Dan, and I’m married to the love of my life, Noele. We both play violin as well as other instruments. In the past, we were members of internationally-touring rock band, “Reilly”, but we have now decided to step forward together as a new musical duo. Our new songs are reflections on hope, though seen through the lens of our often tragic world. 

Noele and I met in college while playing music and quickly became best friends. Shortly after, we helped start “Reilly” along with some talented friends. The band had a fantastic career. We were able to record multiple albums and even tour full time as a fully independent band (no record label help!). But all good things come to an end, and after a great run, the band decided to stop touring. When it ended, Noele and I knew that we were supposed to continue making music together because it was such an integral part of our life.

Experiencing life off the road back at home, we shared many joys with our friends, but too often trials and tragedies also surrounded us. This caused songs to well up in our hearts, and we knew we needed to write them down. So we started writing songs together, despite our very busy life: we have 4 young homeschooled daughters, a day job and we serve on a church plant (not to mention the everyday trials of life). So we decided to institute mandatory songwriting sessions in order to fulfill what was rapidly becoming a call on our lives. Thus “Music Mondays” were born, a time when we could write songs together for a couple of hours (or as long as we could stay up!) after the kids went to bed. Fast forward one year later, and we are now recording our debut album with a second album planned next year.